Different Types of Rice

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Rice is one of the world’s most important and popular commodity; in the 2018/2019 crop year, up to 486.62 million metric tons of rice was consumed worldwide.

With different variations across the world, rice is often categorised into one of three varieties – short grain, medium grain, and long grain. These refer to the length and shape of the grain, which of course can then be differentiated by the different texture, colour, aroma, the type of rice, and different methods of cooking.


Short Grain Rice

Short grain rice types are often twice as long as they are wide, this type of rice is shorter than the two other grains and often has a sticky texture when cooked, making it ideal for sushi and Japanese cuisines.

Medium Grain Rice

Comparing to the long grain rice, medium grain rice has a wider but shorter kernel, this allows the cooked grains to be more moist and tender. This type of grain tends to stick together.

Long Grain Rice

Long grain rice has milled grains and as the name suggests, is longer and is between three to four times long as they are wide. This type of grain tends to separate, and is often fluffy when cooked.


There are two textures to consider when cooking rice; this is often made up of the starch content that varies from different rice types.

Sticky rice

This is often referred to as sweet rice in Asia, as it is used in traditional Asian dishes. This type of rice can be used to create rice-based desserts, and can be ground into rice flour.

Parboiled rice

Parboiled rice separates itself when cooked, and therefore can be fluffed up and light when cooked. This rice is often used for rice-based dishes.

Different types of rice

Jasmine Rice

Often cultivated in Thailand, jasmine rice provides a pleasant jasmine aroma when it is cooked. The texture of this type of rice is soft and great for soaking up flavours and spices. This type of rice is often long grain and used for stir-fry dishes, and Pan-Asian cuisines.

Sushi Rice

Sushi rice is often a short-grain rice that is particularly sticky when cooked, making it perfect when filled on nori sheets along with fresh fish.


Arborio rice is medium grain rice that is often used in risotto and rice pudding dishes. The high starch content in the rice provides a chewy and sticky consistency which develops a creamy texture when cooked.

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