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Hot Pot Collection on SeeWoo Express



Chinese Hot Pot (also known as Steam Boat) is a social dining experience where a big pot of broth is set in the centre of the table with an induction cooker underneath. It is simply a main course with plenty of ingredients where each party immerse their ingredients into the hot broth and eaten with a dipping sauce for additional flavouring.

Food and Drink

Although the choice of food varies depending on where you are from and your personal preferences, there are usually a variety of thinly-sliced meats, vegetables, dumplings, noodles, and seafood. Many Chinese will choose to drink beer, herbal tea, tea, and fizzy drinks.

As many hot pot meals will involve raw foods, they may have different cooking times, this is why each person will have two sets of chopsticks – one to immerse the ingredient into the hot broth, and the second will be used to eat the food.


For the dipping sauces, there is usually a large variety, and two sets of chopsticks.

The wide range of sauces means every party gets to make a personalised dipping sauce for use during the meal; having two pairs of chopsticks means there is a reduced risk of any cross contamination.

The uniqueness of Chinese Hot Pot is that only a small amount of ingredients is ever added to the pot in one given time using a pair of chopsticks, once the ingredient is cooked, each person will put it into their own bowl and eat the food that they’ve made.

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