Recipe: Chinese Steamed Chicken with Black Fungus

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RECIPE: Chinese Steamed Chicken with Black Fungus

Steaming chicken is a great method for cooking as it retains the flavour, moisture and tenderness of the meat. It is a healthy method of cooking as it contains no additional fat.

Black Fungus is popular ingredient in Chinese cuisine as black fungus offers benefits which include: protecting your liver and lowering cholesterol. It is also packed with fibre and antioxidants.

With this in mind, we have put together a recipe of Chinese Steamed Chicken with Black Fungus. Don’t forget, at SeeWoo Foods, we offer a wide range of ingredients that will inspire you to cook new dishes. We have provided our product codes on the recipe so you can purchase them.


Preparation time: Approximately 15 minutes

Cooking time: Approximately 20 minutes (medium heat)


  • Fresh Chicken Wings (10 pieces)
  • 50g of LF Dried Fungus (Code: 11158) OR 50g of China Dried Mushroom Strip (Code: 09136)
  • 10g of Zeng Feng Ninxia Wolfberry - Kee Chi (code: 17124)
  • Sweet Dates (4 pieces)
  • 20g of sliced ginger

For Marinating:


  1. Rehydrate the dried dates, wolfberry, and dried fungus (in separate bowls) for a minimum of 30 – 1 hour (depending on size). Once the sweet dates are slightly tender, slice them in halves (remove the core if necessary).
  2. Prepare the chicken wings by removing them from the packaging.
  3. Marinate the chicken using the soy sauce, salt, sugar, white rice wine (or Shaoxing wine if preferred) and add the rehydrated dates, wolfberry, and dried fungus in and set aside for approximately 1 hour (if you have additional time, leave it overnight for the flavour to soak into the chicken). Then add the chicken into your chosen plate or large bowl.
  4. Pour cold water into a steamer or a pot and wait until the water to boil (you can also add boiling water to save time). Once the water is boiling, add your chicken into the pot and cover it with the lid and let it steam on medium heat for 20 minutes.
  5. Once the steaming is completed, remove the lid and serve.

Additional notes:

You are able to replace dried fungus with dried Chinese mushroom strips (Code: 09136) if preferred. You can use Shaoxing Wine instead or Rice Wine. Many people will use sliced ginger to taste but this can be excluded.

At SeeWoo Foods, we sell a wide range of ingredients that can inspire you to cook new dishes.