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Taste of China · SeeWoo Express/PRB Online Recipe Contest

Posted by Annie An on

Sponsored by SeeWoo Foods and Pearl River Bridge

Taste of China · Online Recipe Contest Rules

1. Submission deadline:  

July 19, 2020

2. Required Ingredients:

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3. Recipes Requirements

  • Shoot a cooking video, less than 5 minutes would be recommended. (Please see sample)
  • Then take picture instructions/recipes.

May includes materials, ingredients (must contain PRB products), picture of the final dish, etc.

  • and write your instruction/recipe. 

4. How to submit:

  • Post cooking video, written and photo recipes to personal social media account: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok etc, and tag@ SeeWoo official account (see below).
  • Large size files please submit via WeTransfer to seewooexpress@seewoo.co.uk, and leave your contact information.

SeeWoo Foods Social Media Account

5. Vote by the public:

 6. Award:

  • GRAND PRIZE:x1   CASH £150
  • FIRST PRIZE:x1    CASH £100
  • SECOND PRIZE:x3    SeeWoo Express Gift Card £50
  • THIRD PRIZE:x5    SeeWoo Express Gift Card £20


* SeeWoo Foods has the right to repost or share all submitted works commercially.

* SeeWoo Foods reserves the right of final explanation. 

* If you have any questions about the activity please contact us via seewooexpress@seewoo.co.uk