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泗和行的B2B核心业务分部整个欧洲,经营业态涵盖食品制造、大型超市、运输及餐饮。在伦敦格林威治和苏格兰格拉斯哥有两家大型实体Cash & Carry超市。

泗和优选SeeWoo Express - 泗和行网上零售超市于2020年初开业,产品主要针对华人与亚洲留学生以及移民家庭,还有众多本土亚洲美食爱好者。灵活的支付方式与快捷的物流配送,满足现代人高效生活节奏需求。

泗和优选SeeWoo Express 以泗和行自身完整的供应链服务为依托,提供近千种泛亚地区的食品材料,产品类别涵盖柴米油盐、美味零食、冷冻海鲜、生鲜果蔬、饮料速食、火锅套餐以及厨房生活用品。

SeeWoo Foods is an importer of pan Asian Foods in the UK.

This is the core of our business and we distribute across Europe and beyond to B2B trades such as food manufacturers, restaurants and take away businesses for over 40 years.

Our cash and carry stores in Greenwich, London and Glasgow, cater for our B2C trade as well as smaller local businesses that wish to click and collect their trade orders.

SeeWoo Express, our online retail shop launched in 2020. Place your order online and have it delivered to your door. We are the Asian food online supermarket with the widest delivery coverage in the UK.

我们的优势 Our Advantages




Our central distribution warehouse consolidates thousands of different lines on a daily basis, ranging from ambient, to chilled and frozen goods.

We are an end to end supply chain, dealing with the manufacturers at the source, right through to delivering the goods to their end destination.

We have  a professional food safety management team, strict quality control starts with suppliers.