Q: Do you provide delivery service? 你们提供送货服务吗?

Yes! We provide delivery service for most ambient products. Make order online and we deliver to your door. Please see our Delivery Policy 我们提供干货产品送货服务,详情请见物流配送

Q: I live near your store, can I pre-order and pick in your store? 我居住在泗和行门店附近,我可以网上订购到店自提吗?

Yes! Please add the products you want into the cart and choose pick in store when check out. You will be able to select the pick up date, time and location. 请将所需商品加入购物车,结算时选择Pick in store,选择自提店面、日期及时间,即可到店领取。

Q: Can you deliver fresh and frozen products? 你们提供生鲜冷冻食品配送吗?

Sorry, the fresh and frozen products delivery service is only eligible for click and pick only. Please order online and choose the pickup time slot and collect in store. 很抱歉,目前生鲜冷冻食品仅限自取,请在网站下单并选择取货日期和时间,到店自取。

Q: What is your store opening hour? 你们门店的营业时间是几点。

Please see Physical Stores. 请参见Physical Stores页面。

Q: I can see some products in store but can't find them online. 某些商品我曾在店里见过但网店没有。

Please email us seewooexpress@seewoo.co.uk with the product you want, if we have them in stock, we would upload the product for you. 请发送邮件至 seewooexpress@seewoo.co.uk 连同您想要的商品信息,若我们持有库存,会将产品上架。

Q: Which payment method do you accept? 你们接受哪种支付方式

We currently accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, ApplePay. 我们目前接受VISA, MasterCard, American Express, ApplePay。

Q: Do you accept Alipay and Wechat Payment? 接受支付宝和微信支付吗?

Sorry we currently do not accept Alipay and Wechat Payment. 抱歉我们暂时不支持支付宝及微信支付。

Q: How can I contact your customer service team? 如何联系客服?

Please email us via seewooexpress@seewoo.co.uk or fill the Contact Form, we will get back to you in 2 working days. 若有任何疑问请发送邮件至seewooexpress@seewoo.co.uk 或填写联系表格,我们会在两个工作日内联系您。

Q: Do you have physical store? 你们的实体店在哪,我可以到店内选购吗?

We have carry & carries in Greenwich, London and Glasgow, please see Physical Stores for the location and opening hours.我们在英国伦敦格林威治以及格拉斯哥都有门店,具体地址及开放时间请见Physical Stores